Do you actually test the Samsung Galaxy Note Mini in India?

Samsung,Galaxy Note 10.1, mobile,phoneDo you actually test the Samsung Galaxy Note Mini in India?

Zauba is a website to monitor imports and exports to and from India . According to the site , it has recently arrived shipment of Delhi Air Cargo to India containing two devices from Samsung carrying the code name SM-P601. According to the documentation that came with this shipment , this device will be a miniature version (Mini) to another device . The price of this mysterious device about 33 508 rupees which is equivalent to U.S. $ 542 , so he will not be a cheap device.

Unfortunately, to the limits of this moment, we still do not know the identity of this device, although the documents indicate that this device mysterious will come with a screen 5.25 inches , but you can this means that this device will be a version of the mini Galaxy Note 3 or is it a device ? Well, we can not confirm anything at the moment in the absence of any evidence.

Some reports indicated that this device will be a mini- version of the tablet device Galaxy Note 10.1 to the fact that import documents indicate that this device arrived perfectly with the Galaxy Note 10.1. But I personally rule out the idea that the device mysterious comes screen size of less than 7 inches as well as the fact that the import documentation describing the device as a mobile phone and not a tablet unlike Galaxy Note 10.1 , which was described in the documents as a tablet device . In any case, we hope that we get more news about this mysterious device in the future, and before conclusion , we would like to point out that this device came to India with a view to the evaluation and testing and not for retail sale.
Samsung,Galaxy Note 10.1, mobile,phone

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