Galaxy S4 achieved a much better sales than expected

Galaxy S5,Mobile,Samsung, Galaxy S4Galaxy S4 achieved a much better sales than expected

The Head of Mobile at Samsung , Mr. JK Shin smashed the those rumors , which says that the Galaxy S4 achieved weak sales lower than they were expecting the company , and by revealing the actual figures for sales. Said Mr. JK Shin some media that the Korean company Samsung managed to sell more than 40 million units of the Galaxy S4.

These official figures put the rumors about Galaxy S4 sales disappointing in comfort. It has been rumored earlier that the lack of sales of the current leader Samsung will pay Samsung to reveal Galaxy S5 early next year , but after the disclosure of these figures , it is not expected that to happen.

Samsung announced earlier this year that it managed to sell 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 after only one month of his arrival to the market. And it seems the pace of sales of Galaxy S4 did not go down dramatically reversed as indicated by previous reports.

Said Mr. JK Shin also said that the company is working with suppliers to manufacture different batteries in order to put an end to the problem of batteries that faced many users Galaxy S4 browsing.
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