Galaxy S5 will come with the technology of 14 nm to 20 nm

Galaxy S5,smart phone,Samsung,Galaxy S4Galaxy S5 will come with the technology of 14 nm to 20 nm

According to some recent reports that Samsung is working to develop a new processor depends primarily on the 20 nm technology . This processor would make a good performance and better efficiency compared with the current 28 - nm processors . Hesitate now that Samsung plans to skip the process of manufacturing processors with 20 nm technology and technology transfer directly from 28 nm to 14 nm. The reason that prompted Samsung to make this decision according to the newspaper Korean DDAily News is the fact that Samsung want to strengthen the chain own manufacturing and responsible for manufacturing processors and make them the best in the world , especially after the growing competition from the Taiwanese company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co , known as TSMC.

Company TSMC is already working now on the processor technology 20 nm , so Samsung want to precede the Taiwanese company step forward, and to strengthen its hegemony on the market, manufacturing processors and assembled for manufacturers other with the knowledge that Apple is one of the companies that rely on Samsung to manufacture processors own . It is said that the processor Exynos 6 14 nm technology will support as it come mesh 64bit and not only that it will also depend on the structure of the ARM big. LITTLE as it will have eight cores of class Cortex A53 and Cortex A57. Apparently these cores will be ready in time while they need for almost half of the power required by the processor Exynos 5420 . Reports say that Samsung will end production of samples of this new processor by the end of this year.

It is said that Galaxy S5 will or smart phone gets this new processor, despite the fact that these rumors latter may not be true especially if we know that it is expected that Samsung launched Galaxy S5 early next year to compensate for sales low for the Galaxy S4 , which did not live up to the expectations of the Korean company.

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