HP is serious about supporting system Android or Chrome

HP,phonesHP is serious about supporting system Android or Chrome

Apparently HP company felt now by the profits that can be for operating systems, a subsidiary of Google to bring the manufacturers, and this is why the head of HP's recently, Ms. Meg Whitman and senior officials in the HP company to confirm that the draft Wintel faces painful blows constantly. And those who did not hear the Wintel project before, it is simply a draft intel and Windows, and other words that joint cooperation between Microsoft and Intel in the market for desktops and laptops.

According to HP company that devices that are based on the draft Wintel facing stiff competition too by devices PC, which is based on ARM processors and portable devices that support operating systems competing, trying to HP's indicate here to both Chrome and Android, who being developed by Google Inc..

In addition, HP said that the company's partners in the long term, such as intel and Microsoft are now increasingly of the company's competitors, and refer to the fact that Microsoft decided to turn to access the hardware market through a series of tablet devices Surface.

Vice President of printers and Personal Systems at HP, Mr. Dion Weisler also stated that the system of Chrome and Android represent about $ 46 billion of opportunities and it is on the rise by 12%, and this suggests that a company HP will continue to provide a range of products including computers phones with the new Windows 8.1 system along with more products that support operating systems including Google chrome and Android.

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