HTC market value in a steady decline, and up-to-trough soon

HTC,phone,Nokia,HTC One Max,HTC One,BlackBerryHTC market value in a steady decline, and up-to-trough soon

HTC is off the road a few years ago . The company tried to save itself by focusing its efforts on the development of the mobile sector , and the current flagship phone HTC One and one of the methods adopted by the Taiwanese company to save itself . Indeed, this device done well in the market. But one great device was not enough , so the HTC still continues the series of failures , which cost the company a lot of value in the market during the past few years, and this is what sparked speculation that the end of the company has become very imminent.

Since the year 2011 , and the market value of HTC Corporation began to decline gradually until I got to the stage of the gutter in this year. The value of the company is currently about $ 3.8 billion , with the knowledge that the value of the company had reached the highest levels in the year 2011 when , amounting to about 37 billion U.S. dollars , but the company is still inspiring and development of great products too and this is what may make them attract potential buyers quickly very . However , analysts believe that if HTC Corporation continued in this vein was trying to reform itself will end up like the BlackBerry and Nokia . In fact , says site Blommberg that one analyst is expected to be removed from the list of HTC technology companies 500 most valuable in the market very soon.

Analyst Dennis Chan of Yuanta Securities network located in the Taiwanese capital Taipei says that while the market value of the company HTC is still too high for a merger or acquisition, it does not expect the company to return to its original position again. Instead , the market value of the company will continue to decline until it reaches a low value that will attract potential buyers . It is unclear how long it will take , but HTC is not currently have big plans in the works , which could help them to grow again . We know that HTC One Max is coming in the way , and there are also rumors about another phone system, Windows Phone 8 will get the same components and the design of the HTC One, but none of that is unlikely to significantly alter the fate of the company.
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