HTC ONE best phone of the year 2013!!

HTC ONE,Galaxy S4,MobileHTC ONE best phone of the year 2013!!

In a report from Mobile Choice site in the UK and internationally known showed the latter statistics relating to the best phones and tablet devices, communications companies and its advantages for the year 2013 with the imminent end of the latter.

The report came a long referendum 21 thousand users come the results are as follows:
*Samsung for the title of best of mobile plant for the year 2013.
*For HTC ONE issued in February for the title of the best phone in the year, in addition to the title of the best video camera phones and the best design.
*Also received phone Galaxy S4 on the title of best mobile innovation for the year!
*Best tablet device: Sony Xperia Tablet Z

It is clear from these statistics clear bias for the Android system, where not mentioned any device from Apple, despite its superiority on Samsung this year that did not come Track especially in the apparatus Galaxy S4.

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