HTC One Max will not pass on to Canada

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HTC One Max will not pass on to Canada

Contrary to what was expected , the Tablet Phone HTC One Max will not find his way on what seems to Canada . According to the company HTC , the current series of phones enough for the Canadian market.

Not to launch HTC phone HTC One Max in Canada means that users who want to buy the phone first tablet of the company Taiwanese in this country, they will have to buy a copy unlocked slide of this phone companies have local connections , or request a copy of the phone from a retailer in the country neighbors such as the United States of America, but this option may be costly.

Absence of official HTC One Max phone on the Canadian market means that HTC Corporation is not yet ready to market this device at the global level , especially if we know that the phone will be introduced in the United States of America by both Verizon and Sprint only.

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