ITC found that HTC One violated patents Nokia Wireless

HTC One,Nokia,phone,HTC One MaxITC found that HTC One violated patents Nokia Wireless

Nokia decided to put her phone company HTC and the current flagship HTC One in legal hot water again. Earlier this year, showing that the phone HTC One violate Nokia patents related to HDR technology into the microphone, prompting HTC Corporation later to remove them. Now, it turns out that HTC used some of the wireless technologies, a subsidiary of Nokia in the HTC One phone without requesting permission from the Finnish company.

In fact, these reports we received from the Wall Street Journal, which confirmed the latter that the International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a preliminary on September 23, stating that HTC had violated two patents belonging to Nokia related to improving the sending and receiving calls.

HTC Corporation is working with Qualcomm chipset that provides for HTC One phone in order to find another way to get the best signals. The two sides committed until next January, and will then consider the International Trade Commission to issue again, and if you can not HTC and Qualcomm to find a solution to this problem until then, a number of HTC phones may be in trouble.

It is not clear yet what are the HTC devices that may be affected by the decision of the International Trade Commission, but rumors about phone HTC One Max stating that it will come to the same chip.
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