Leaked the first official image of the Samsung with curved screen

Samsung,smart phone,Galaxy S4,phoneLeaked the first official image of the Samsung with curved screen

Samsung has launched a smart phone with a curved screen very soon. Last month in an event Galaxy Gear, said some executives in the Korean company in passing that Samsung is preparing to announce a smartphone with a curved screen in the month of October . And now , here we are with a leaked official image of this smart phone , and as usual lane is Evleaks. These high - definition picture shows that the phone will carry curved screen via the vertical axis , and will design is somewhat similar to the design of Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, information about this device is still vague so far.

We do not yet know exactly when will Samsung detects this phone formally with the knowledge that the Korean company has not made any indication about it as it did not schedule any special conference so far, but it is likely that the company is announcing this device in its first conference for developers and scheduled for later this month in San Francisco.

In any case , it remains to be seen how the process of this device , curved screens and perhaps less susceptible to scratches and breakage device if it falls on his face. The design is unconventional to say the least.

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