LG G Flex another tablet phone from LG company with curved screen

LG G Flex,LG,Galaxy Note 3,phoneLG G Flex another tablet phone from LG company with curved screen

Earlier this week, we pointed out to you that the company LG is working on a new smart phone with a curved screen bears the name of LG Z , which is expected to be formally announced next week. Now, here we are with more information about the upcoming LG phone with curved screen . According to some reports issued today , the phone LG Z will in fact come under the name of LG G Flex. This is somewhat in line with the wishes of the Korean manufacturer to include the letter " G " in the names of the high - end smart phones . It is supposed to strengthen this device also terrible Snapdragon processor 800.

It is said that the phone screen LG G Flex will come with a 6 - inch will be concave in the middle, allowing the phone to wrap around your face when you make phone calls. You can see on the chart above to get a better look on what we have said now.

Previous rumors stated that the date of disclosure of phone LG G Flex will be in the next week , but these are recent reports that this device will not be disclosed until next November . At the same time , there is still hope that the Samsung detects a new version of the Galaxy Note 3 , which is rumored that it will include flexible screen is unbreakable.
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