LG OLED screen flexible for smart phones enter the stage of mass production

smart phones,LG,phone,SamsungLG OLED screen flexible for smart phones enter the stage of mass production

LG plans to produce curved screens for smart phones are going well , so that the Korean company announced today that flexible OLED screens for smart phones has entered the stage of mass production.

LG expects to reap flexible screens rapid success in the smart phone market , saying that other products are also going to benefit from this new technology. Among these devices remind tablet devices and smart screens in cars and wearable devices.

Flexible OLED display , which we told them that it has entered the stage of mass production comes the impressive size of a thickness not exceeding 0.44 mm , which makes it significantly thinner screens content in the current portable devices . Moreover , these screens come made ​​of plastic instead of glass. That's what makes it unbreakable and are subject to deflection.

We are not yet sure of the date of the first detection of the LG phone with a flexible OLED screen . But there are some rumors previously reported that Samsung and LG are trying to detect the first their smart phones with OLED displays flexible sometime this month , at least when it comes to company Samsung , but for the company LG is expected to perform this step in the month of November , according as stated in some of the recent reports issued by the Reuters news agency.

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