Many analysts expect the arrival of the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen

iPhone 6,iphone,iphonesMany analysts expect the arrival of the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen

Rumors about the iPhone is large in size still continue to make their way to the Internet. Last month, we heard that Apple was testing iPhones with different sizes ranging from 4.8 inches to 6 inches. We also heard from two different analysts that the next iPhone in the next year, some changes will come again and was told that this device is expected to come with a 4.8-inch screen. Now here we are with a new report from another analyst decided to jump into your iPhone 6 large size.

This time the report comes from a network analyzer Cantor Fitzgerald, Mr. Brian White, who now convinced that Apple will increase the size of the screen in the next iPhone 6. The Mr. Brian White became convinced after meeting some of its own sources within the supply chain, a subsidiary of Apple in both Taiwan and China. The analyst Brian White does not confirm definitively that the iPhone 6 will come with a 4.8-inch screen exactly, but he says that Apple's next phone will come with a screen size closer to 5 inches. Moreover, Brian White also confirmed that Apple is planning to detect this device in the second quarter or in the third quarter of next year.

Of course, the analysts predicted that the Apple detects low-cost iPhone this year, Apple has already detects this device in the past month, and so there is a possibility that these predictions are correct. In spite of everything, it is still we have to wait until next year to ensure the validity of these expectations.

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