Micromax plans to launch a smartphone in Russia and Romania this year

smart phones,MicromaxMicromax plans to launch a smartphone in Russia and Romania this year

The company announced the Indian Micromax specialized in the manufacture of smart phones and tablet devices announced today that it plans to launch its smartphones in Russia and Romania by the end of this year. Indeed, Micromax company offering a first-class performance in the domestic market , the company aims to become a global brand, specializes in the manufacture of portable devices.

Micromax company has already opened its first stores in Russia, with the attraction of staff from rival companies . The company has decided to reveal two portable devices specifically for this market, and not only that but also the convening of a partnership agreement with the famous Russian search engine Yandex to cooperation in terms of software.

This is indeed big ambitions of Micromax company which a person can not attain by surprise. The company hired recently actor famous Hugh Jackman to be an ambassador for the brand and spokesperson company, has emerged the first features of cooperation between Micromax and actor Hugh Jackman when it was announced Phone new flagship Canvas Turbo, so that was used by Hugh Jackman in the promotional advertising for this device.
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