Motorola is working on a tablet phone with a 6.3 inch screen

Motorola,phone Droid Ultra,Xperia Z Ultra,smart phones,Moto DVXMotorola is working on a tablet phone with a 6.3 inch screen

Chinese websites active this week , he was responsible for leaking several pictures and rumors about upcoming products from major technology companies , and now we are here with a new batch of rumors about Motorola, according to which the company of the latter is preparing to reveal a successor to phone Droid Ultra currently unknown name Droid Quantum. Unfortunately, information on the specifications of this device is not available to us at the moment.

Apparently, the American company is also working on phone tablet of its own, according to the same lane , which was behind the leaking of information about the phone Moto DVX, the Motorola tablet next will carry a screen measuring at 6.3 inches and will be announced officially in early next year.

Supposed to come this tablet phone under the name Xplay and will be larger than most smart phones currently on the market except for Xperia Z Ultra from Sony . Unfortunately information on the technical specifications for this device is still the second other unknown at the moment.

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