New leaked images confirm the imminent arrival of iPhone 5S to China Mobile

iPhone 5S,China Mobile,iphone 5C,Apple,phoneNew leaked images confirm the imminent arrival of iPhone 5S to China Mobile

A long time ago and we hear that the iPhone has become close to the customers the largest telecommunications company in the world, and it seems the time occurrence that has become very soon. For many years , the TD-SCDMA network , a subsidiary of China Mobile is not supported by Apple phones , making this phone customers away from the famous Chinese company . But this year , the CEO of Apple , Mr. Tim Cook some trips to China to meet with his counterpart in the Chinese telecommunications company to reach agreement on bringing new iPhone phones to customers China Mobile.

Indeed, in the past week was leaked poster for the third generation version of the iPhone 5S phones and iPhone 5C own company China Mobile. And now here we are with the strongest evidence that China Mobile customers will soon be able to get the new iPhone phones . In fact, today has been leaking some images taken from a copy of the iPhone 5s being tested on 4G LTE networks , a subsidiary of China Mobile. It should be noted that a copy iPhone 5s directed for the Chinese market , which supports TD-LTE network for China Mobile company has been monitoring a few days ago at the site of the Commission communication and services in China and serves as the Federal Communications Commission in the United States of America.

But as I have already pointed out in many articles , while the phone has received approval from Chinese regulators , China Mobile is still waiting for approval to operate 4G LTE networks and its affiliates. In spite of the absence of any official statement from the Chinese company , some reports say that China Mobile has already begun to receive requests prior to service LTE. In any case, this is a huge deal for both sides, and we expect to hold a major media event when the device is ready for launch in this huge market.

iPhone 5S,China Mobile,iphone 5C,Apple,phoneiPhone 5S,China Mobile,iphone 5C,Apple,phone
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