New phones with FireFox OS 1.1 system loom

mobile,phone,smart phonesNew phones with FireFox OS 1.1 system loom

Apparently there are a number of smart phones coming in the way, and that support system FireFox OS 1.1. This is the latest version of the operating system, Mozilla and the company, which is based primarily on HTML 5. For smart phones current support system FireFox OS they will also receive this update, these include current phones all of the One Touch Fire from Alcatel and ZTE Open from ZTE, and both devices are unavailable in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela and Poland all the way telecommunications companies Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom. It is expected to reach new FireFox phones that support the latest version of this system to more European countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom in the current quarter. 

FireFox OS system comes with many popular applications such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, the system also supports HERE maps of Nokia Corporation. With the new update, which carries the version 1.1 FireFox OS system will support compatibility with MMS also allows developers using the API code package for notices in order to use this feature in their applications. In addition, the system will provide you with FireFox Market applications store to enjoy the task of searching for applications. 

FireFox OS 1.1 system will also allow you access to your communications points (names and addresses of persons) from Gmail, Hotline, or from Facebook or SIM card. Moreover, the new system now provides automatic correction in Qwerty keyboard. For the music search feature depending on the artists or song titles are now supports more than 15 languages. 

This is the second phase of the launch system FireFox OS, and Mozilla company is now working with 20 companies a manufacturer of hardware and telecommunications companies to make FireFox OS system achieves a great success. Given that only 21% of mobile phone users in the world currently have a smart phone, you can for FireFox OS system to get himself some of the market share, especially in emerging markets which are low-cost phones very popular.

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