Nokia is also preparing for the detection of Lumia 1320 alias Nokia Batman

Nokia,Lumia 1320,phone,smart phonesNokia is also preparing for the detection of Lumia 1320 alias Nokia Batman

The famous lane Evleaks today published a new Tweets in his personal account on the micro-blogging site Twitter which reveals the real name of another Lumia phone coming from Nokia. According to the leaked himself , the company Nokia has been working on several phones supports Windows system iPhone in the last period , and was among phone is known within the Finnish company in the name of Nokia Batman , but with the help of some people within the company Nokia has been shown for Evelaks phone that Nokia Batman will be launched under the name Lumia 1320.

Explicitly name Batman is no stranger to Nokia, and it seems the Finnish company is one of a series of films Batman fan , so that Nokia has in the past to disclose a limited number of Lumia 800 celebrate the launch of the movie Dark Knight Rises. But Nokia has launched only 40 units of this device and engraved behind logo laser Batman . When Nokia unveiled Lumia 900 also has the same step Lumia 800, so that the company also unveiled a limited number of this phone celebrate the issuance of a new part of the movie Batman . There are a few of those models currently available for sale on eBay at prices ranging from $ 1100 to $ 2200.

While scheduled to be detected for a new part of the Batman film series in the next year , it is not known whether the company Nokia plans to reveal the Lumia 1320 to coincide with the launch of the new part of the series of Batman . But I personally rule out the idea, Most projections indicate that Batman is only a code name to another phone system, Windows Phone 8 will be unveiled at a conference Nokia World next to be held in the twenty-second of this month in Abu Dhabi UAE , knowing that we heard that the company Finland is preparing to reveal the five smart phones in this event , including Tablet Phone Lumia 1520.

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