Phone officially announced Vega Secret Note tablet from Pantech

mobile,Vega Secret Note,Galaxy Note 3,smartphones,LG,SamsungPhone officially announced Vega Secret Note tablet from Pantech

Pantech is the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in South Korea after both Samsung and LG. This company has made ​​today to disclose her new Tablet Vega Secret Note with superb technical specifications and a number of interesting features . Besides it comes with a 5.9 - inch screen at a resolution of Full HD, it also comes with a four - processor Snapdragon 800 core size of 3GB of RAM , the same specifications of the Samsung new tablet Galaxy Note 3. Moreover , the phone Vega Secret Note comes with a front camera 13 megapixels and 2 megapixels clearly background . There is also an internal memory size of 32 GB with support for pen photosynthesis , which name the company Pantech V Pen.

Vega Secret Note phone also comes with a number of features related to privacy and security as well. It is available on the fingerprint reader in the rear -fronted and which serves as an easy way to lock and unlock the device. It can also use a fingerprint reader to show the hidden data such as photos, videos, and other communications . Moreover , it supports LTE-Advanced networks although it will be useful in markets where mobile telecommunications companies offer services LTE-Advanced.

Unfortunately, information on the timing of the launch of the device is not available to us at the moment , but it remains to be seen whether the Pantech plans to launch its new tablet phone outside Asia. In Korea said that Vega Secret Note phone will cost 900 thousand won, which is equivalent to 839 U.S. dollars.

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