Photos leaked new review HTC One Max from all angles

HTC One Max,Sony,Samsung,LG,HTC,phonesPhotos leaked new review HTC One Max from all angles

After it has all of Samsung , Sony and LG detects the leading phones in the second half of this year , it is the role of the company to reveal HTC is leading the other on her second this year and is currently known as the HTC One Max. In fact, we have seen in the past several leaks of this phone tablet expected . And now , here we are with a new leaked images of this phone , which was leaked by a retailer in Taiwan.

Photos by the Taiwanese retail store leaking and crystal clear . Of course, the device is not running , so we are unable to confirm whether this phone is a fake copy or a real phone . One thing for sure is that the HTC One Max has a fingerprint reader on the back side of the device and the exact bottom of the camera lens.

There are three buttons in the lower right-hand corner of the HTC One Max. We are unable to confirm what is the purpose behind these three buttons . Also realized that the Beats Audio logo is no longer available on the back of the device.

For the control buttons in the pictures and turn the device off they are found on the side of the device , while the include headsets port in the upper part of the device and MicroUSB port on the bottom. Moreover , the HTC One Max will come with a front camera will present the highest 5.9 - inch screen that will come with the device.

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