New rumors about the coming Galaxy S5 with eye sensor reading

Galaxy S5,iPhone 5S,HTC One Max,smart phones,SamsungNew rumors about the coming Galaxy S5 with eye sensor reading

After reading many of the rumors a few days ago now about the next Galaxy S5 Samsung early next year , we are here with some new rumors are interesting and that shed light on the specifications of Galaxy S5 again. It is said, that the next generation of Galaxy S phones will come with a special sensor to read the eyes.

This feature mentioned above, will offer users the opportunity to open their smart phones using their eyes . The already mentioned earlier that Samsung is working hard to develop high-security technologies , although we have not heard any word yet from Samsung about those high-tech safety that operate on the currently developed.

Probably to a large extent that these new rumors are true, the next flagship phone Galaxy S5 will significantly high-level security technologies even higher than the fingerprint recognition technology used in both the iPhone 5S and HTC One Max. However, we recommend readers to deal with this rumor with the least possible attention, at least for the time being until it is confirmed physical evidence.

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