Samsung Beats Apple in South Korea

Samsung,phones,Apple,LG,smart phonesSamsung Beats Apple in South Korea

While the share of Android in the market a much larger share of the system iOS, but in terms of brand seems that Apple is superior to some of the companies competing manufacturers of phones Android, but with the passage of time in South Korea, it seems as if Apple are certainly exposed to defeat and check the results of the very poor. According to some figures published by Network Flurry specializing in market research, the company Samsung is, leaders smart phone market in South Korea now, so has the latter 60% of the total share of the market, and comes LG second largest share of 15% while come Apple in third place with a share of 14%, and finally came the other local company Pantech in fourth place with a 10% stake. 

It is interesting to see that it happens in one market only, but the network Flurry notes that this could be the case in other markets in the future with the start of a larger number of countries access to the point of saturation when it comes to smart phones

While Samsung dominate clearly in South Korea, the Apple overtake the other manufacturers in this country when it comes to customer satisfaction, and although it was a race convergent between the companies in this market, it is interesting to see the status of Apple in the Korean market after a full year from now.

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