Samsung gets ready to reveal the phone flip phone with another Snapdragon processor 800

mobile,phones,smart phones,Samsung,phone flipSamsung gets ready to reveal the phone flip phone with another Snapdragon processor 800

Korean companies in general and Samsung in particular has brought us many technologies to market, and brought us a myriad of smart devices and all types, covering a wide range of tastes and distributed on a set of points price , and all this made ​​us lose our focus market mobile phones traditional . But that changed a few months ago , especially when Samsung has unveiled or rather , when the revival of traditional designs for mobile phones equipped with the latest technical specifications existing currently in the smart phone market by unveiling a series of smart phones with traditional designs or what is known phones Flip Phone.

Samsung still plans to reveal more phones Flip Phone smart so recently been monitoring a clever new design with a traditional codenamed SM-W2014 at the site of the Commission communication and devices in China, which serves as the FCC in the United States . According to rumors, this device will come Snapdragon processor, 800 four- core processor , the size of 2GB of RAM , front camera 2 megapixel and 13 megapixel background and technology BSI . It is said that the SM-W2014 phone system will support Alandroed 4.3 Jelly Bean will weighs 173 grams.

Of course , the phone will not be carrying a huge screen , as is the case with ordinary smart phones , these reports indicate that the SM-W2014 will carry a 3.67 - inch screen at a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels AMOLED technology . On the other hand , we must say that the SM-W2014 phone will be a successor SM-W2013 phone and also known as Jackie Chan Flip Phone , which was launched some time ago in China priced at about $ 3000.

mobile,phones,smart phones,Samsung,phone flipmobile,phones,smart phones,Samsung,phone flipmobile,phones,smart phones,Samsung,phone flip

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