Samsung plans to use MediaTek processors in phones next year

Samsung,phones,mobileSamsung plans to use MediaTek processors in phones next year

It seems Samsung is going in the next year to use cheap Chinese processors , so that some reports have emerged recently stating that the Korean company plans to start in the use MediaTek Quartet processors core and eight - core in the next smartphone , especially in smart phones middle and low cost.

So far, Broadcom processors are used in some low - cost mobile phones , but MediaTek processors are likely to be the strongest and even cheaper for Samsung , particularly as we see most Chinese manufacturers and Indian MediaTek processors used in smart phones .

Most of the smart phones that use MediaTek processors , especially those the Quartet - core processors , they offer great performance and smooth at the same time as they are dealing very well with the games. In addition , they are better deals with energy consumption and provide satisfactory results in performance tests.

By the time , you'll Samsung signed an agreement with the Chinese company to begin this last ship to the Korean company's processors in the second quarter of next year. However, the company MediaTek at the beginning of next year , detects new treatments that will provide good performance along with energy consumption better. Well, you probably will not reach the level of Qualcomm processors , but we hope that we MediaTek reveal their best . One thing is certain , is that Samsung phones will become cheaper to lower production costs.
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