Sony aspires to be the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world

Sony,Mobile Sony,MobileSony aspires to be the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world

Sony Mobile Communications is a brand new company formed after the separated company Sony Ericsson, but the brand, a subsidiary of Sony aspires to become the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, and sooner rather than later. It should be noted that Sony currently owns 6.5% to 7% of the total share of the market. 

He hopes President of Sales and Marketing at Sony, Mr. Dennis van Schie that his company will be able to acquire 20% of the total sales of Android phones in the world, which is dominated by Samsung at the moment in spite of all the challenges faced by the Japanese company. 

In fact, this may be possible, especially after the division of Sony for the Swedish company Ericsson in 2011. It should be noted that the Japanese company was a joint venture with the Swedish company since 2001, to the borders of 2011, this cooperation has brought innovative shared some phones, but the Japanese company was unable to take advantage of the key technologies that evolution was for herself. But the situation has changed radically since the Sony Mobile became an independent company. 

On this topic, Mr. Dennis van Schie that different sectors of the company became a single sector since the sector has become Sony Mobile property of Sony completely been canceled cooperation agreement with Ericsson, so that the sector has become mobile in the company benefit from the screen technology, which was developed by sector screens in the company, and the same applies to the Gaza cameras, so that the mobile sector is also benefiting from the imaging technology developed by the cameras in the company sector, and this is what generally helps Sony to develop new and innovative products. 

With R & D labs developed with Sony, will help them achieve their goals well. With the knowledge that the Japanese company has achieved strong growth in the past few quarters, and only after a few weeks we will see how it performed the company in the third quarter of this year.
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