Sony is not ready to enter the U.S. market

Sony,Xperia Z1,Xperia Z,mobileSony is not ready to enter the U.S. market

Sony has recently launched the mobile industry is strong, the thing that reflected on the proportion of their sales and market share in the affirmative, but Sony is not that effective when we mention the U.S. market, and it seems that this issue will not change any time soon. In an interview with the press, said Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kaz Hirai that the company will continue to focus on the Japanese market and the European markets are where these represent 60 percent of the company's sales, and the rest of the markets wait.

Those two are the most important areas for us and we'll put substantial resources there. But not yet for the U.S. and China.

Sony wants to enter the market gradually, where the first steps is to put the Xperia Z to American telecommunications company T-mobile, but unfortunately Xperia Z1, which recently launched the whole world will see the light in the United States of America. Reason for the lack of a strong access to the United States of America is because the market needs to marketing expenses, and with a giant Apple in that market, things will become more difficult, as there is little space for competition.

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