Sony is working on a wireless charger can fully charge your phone in one hour

Sony,smartphonesSony is working on a wireless charger can fully charge your phone in one hour

Shipping smartphones or tablet devices became one of the daily habits of the people in our time , and while doing ship our devices wirelessly This command eliminates the need for cables , but the only drawback in this technique that it requires the development of devices in the vicinity of chargers Wireless The charging process takes a period of time too long , but what if you have not wired charger has the ability to charge your smartphone fully in just one hour ? Well, according to a new report from the Nikkei, this is exactly what Sony is trying to work on it . The report said that Sony is working on a wireless charging system has the ability to charge twice as fast devices current wireless chargers . Because of this, users will be able to smartphones charging their handsets in just one hour.

This information comes from final specifications by the Wireless Power Consortium , or what is known as the Federation of wireless power . Of course , we expect there are some concerns, process speed up charging devices wirelessly would lead to overheating of the phone is not likely , which could lead to an explosion of the device.

In any case , there are some alternatives to avoid these things. Company Tohm eg developed chips that will be incorporated in the charger and a smartphone to keep the process of generating heat at acceptable levels . On the assumption that all this is true , and that things are going the right way, it is expected to take this technology is the way to Sony devices in the next year.

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