Sony will focus on Europe and Japan, the United States and China in the future

smartphone,Sony,Samsung,mobileSony will focus on Europe and Japan, the United States and China in the future

In fact, the company Sony began to find a foothold in the smartphone market, which spearheaded both Samsung and Apple now, so we have seen the company's revenues Japanese from the Gaza smartphones and tablets began to rise with the passage of time and this is thanks to the wise leadership by the CEO of the new Kaz Hirai. In spite of everything, the Sony still does not refuse to rush to reach new markets, and instead the company recently announced that it will expand and consolidate its presence in existing strongholds. With these plans, the Japanese company can increase its revenue from smartphones and tablet devices, making it the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, after both Samsung and Apple. 

According to Sony, it will focus on consolidating its brand in her native Japan in its traditional stronghold of Europe with the knowledge that 60% of smart phone sales of the company come from these areas. On the subject of expansion to other markets, the Sony hinted that it will also focus its efforts on China and the United States, but not at the moment, but will wait for favorable opportunity to do so. 

It is important to note that Sony's strategy is based on three pillars, namely mobile devices sector and the gaming industry, entertainment devices and digital imaging.

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