Specifications Samsung phone with a flexible screen makes its way to the Web

Samsung,phone,smart phonesSpecifications Samsung phone with a flexible screen makes its way to the Web

After all these years of research and development , it has become smart phones with flexible screens a reality very soon . It is rumored that Samsung is already preparing for the detection of the first smart phone carries a flexible screen later this month, has also heard from some Samsung executives little about the company 's plans with regard to the introduction of the flexible screens in smartphones.

Thanks to a new report today made ​​his way to the Internet , we were able to get some information about the technical specifications of the next Samsung phone with a flexible screen . It has been said that this device will carry a 4.7 - inch screen at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Samsung first of its kind, will also come with a quad-core processor with 2G of RAM . Moreover , it will come with a camera 8 megapixels accuracy background and will be accompanied by flash of LED type.

For the operating system , it has this report pointed out that this phone system will support Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Sorry , do not have any information about the strength of the battery as there is no official confirmation from Samsung regarding the validity of this report , there is also no substantial evidence confirms the credibility of the person who leaked this information.
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