The global version of Lumia 1520 will support shipping Wireless Technology

Lumia 1520,phone,NokiaThe global version of Lumia 1520 will support shipping Wireless Technology

We've heard many rumors about the determination of Nokia Corporation detect phone tablet running Windows Phone 8 will carry the name Lumia 1520, which according to rumors will be unveiling him formally in the twenty-second of this month at the Nokia World to be held in Abu Dhabi UAE. And apart from that, it is known on the Nokia they provide technical shipping Wireless in the smartphone leader, and now here we are with some of the reports issued by the site NokiaPowerUser, According to the latter, has revealed some of the information gleaned from the FCC stating that Lumia 1520 support is also shipping Wireless technology.

But we would like to point out that this information concerning the international version of the Lumia 1520, and this means that there is the possibility that these are not included in some technology-oriented models for some specific markets. This is not the first time that we hear the probability advent Lumia 1520 shipping Wireless technology, the image was leaked last September reveal AT & T version of this phone which supports shipping Wireless technology. In both cases will be detected more information about this topic in the next Nokia conference scheduled to take place as we said earlier in the twenty-second of this month.
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