Update Android 4.4 coming to Xperia Z1 in November

Xperia Z1,Xperia Z Ultra,Nexus,Sony,phonesUpdate Android 4.4 coming to Xperia Z1 in November

According to the latest reports that we received today, it seems that Sony is already working to update Android 4.4 Oriented her new flagship Xperia Z1. It is said that the Japanese company intends to disclose this update for Xperia Z1 in November , exactly on the seventh day . After that, Sony will disclose the same update to other leading phones such as the Xperia Z Ultra.

Update has been announced Android 4.4 , also known as KitKat only recently by Google Inc. , and we do not know so little information about this system. Therefore, it is very important that we hear that Sony has been working now on updating existing phones to the system . This somewhat indicates that we are not far from the date of the official announcement about the new Nexus devices , which are usually the first devices in the world that comes with the new updates to the Android system.

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