90% of Windows Phone 8 phones are made by Nokia Corporation

smartphones,HTC,Nokia,Lumia 920,Lumia 520,,Lumia 62090% of Windows Phone 8 phones are made by Nokia Corporation

Windows Phone system has now become officially the third most popular system in the mobile operating systems market after both Android and iOS. But at the same time, the Windows Phone system is now the most popular operating system in some countries, but the majority of countries are still under duopoly. The good news is that the market share of Windows Phone system still continues to grow each month. 

According to a specialized AdDuplex network in ads on mobile devices, have helped modern Lumia series phones Acquires for about 90% of the total market share of Windows Phone 8, 89.2% to be exact. And followed by HTC with 7.7 percent, while Samsung comes in third place with a share of 1.8%, followed by Huawei with 1.2 percent share. 

Phone Windows Phone 8 best-selling yet is without a doubt a very beloved phone Lumia 520. This device has been one of the best-selling smartphones in many markets such as the United Kingdom and India. Both the phones Lumia 620 and Lumia 920 second most popular Nokia phones in the mobile market Windows Phone 8. Samsung ATIV S phone is the first Windows Phone 8 appears to exist but it is not popular Lumia phones from Nokia

Other research revealed that the Windows Phone 7 system still accounts for 29.1% of the total share of the Windows Phone market, while the market share of Windows Phone 8 system on the proportion of 70.9 percent.

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