Apple asking developers not to use the iPhone 5S marketing gold in pictures

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Apple confirmed to the developers, the latest update for your marketing instruction page shop App Store, should not use the golden iPhone 5S in marketing images.

Earlier this month, we noted that Apple has updated guidelines for marketing its e-store. For the first time, developers are now able to market their applications using pictures is the black version of the iPhone. At that time, we confirmed that the marketing materials for the iPhone 5S Golden was absent from the new rules.

In addition, Apple says that developers can market their applications using iPhone 5S images in color or silver in color Space Gray and iPhone 5C in white and blue, and all of the iPad and iPad Mini in silver color and Space Gray.

The reason for forcing developers not to use the iPhone 5S golden in the marketing of their applications in the words of some of the sites technique is the fact that Apple are relying on the iPhone 5S golden in their advertisements television and print ads for the iPhone 5S, and it seems that the company would prefer to keep the focus on the distinctive color for itself.

Of course, it could be the other reason is the weakness of supplies for iPhone 5S. Five weeks after the launch of the device is still almost impossible to find it in retail stores.
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