BlackBerry share know some improvement in Australia at the expense of Android

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While the BlackBerry is not doing well in general, there are some markets that still show where the Canadian company relatively well, as is the case with the Australian market. Has seen the market share of BlackBerry company in this market increased slightly. According to a report issued by the network Kantar World Panel specializing in market research, they find that the market share of a company BlackBerry in September of last year was not to exceed 0.4%, while the market share of the company increased to reach 1.3% this year. It is interesting to see the market shares for other operating systems such as Windows Phone and iOS experiencing some growth in Australia, while it decreased the market share of the Android system by up to 10.8%.

While these numbers belong to the Australian market only , the Android system still dominated the market smart phone operating systems , a very large margin from the nearest rivals and we mean here , of course , the iOS system , leaving Windows Phone and BlackBerry amid the dust , so to speak . It is possible that the increase is credited BlackBerry share in the Australian market for continued support from the Office of the Australian Transportation Safety. According to the director BlackBerry in Australia , the Canadian company will focus its efforts on serving the market of Australia and the rest of other markets to challenge the news that spread on an almost daily basis about the presence company on the outskirts of death , which according to the destination personal view is very frustrating and distracting for the market.
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