BlackBerry Porshe P9882 is coming on 20 this month

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We've heard more than once that the BlackBerry company is preparing to reveal the Porsche version of the previous flagship phone BlackBerry Z10, which can be known as the Porsche P'9882, from the name of the device seems to us that this phone will come primarily as a successor to Porsche P'9881 phone revealed by the BlackBerry company a few years ago . Already seen pictures leaked high-definition for this phone , but has not been announced officially about this phone yet , and we're not sure of the reason , and it is surprising more that there have been a series of leaks reliable and many rumors about this phone , but stopped all of a sudden. Well , apparently during the last event held at the Dubai Mall, has the car driver Formula One star Lewis Hamilton leaking some information about this device , and was told that the company BlackBerry is preparing to hold a special conference in on November 20 , is expected to be the company Canadian detects Porsche P'9882 phone in this event.

While the technical specifications of the device are still scarce, indicating speculation that it will be a little better or a little less than specification phone BlackBerry Z10 and for the design will be similar somewhat to design phone Porsche P'9881, but for those interested, we expect they will have to pay $ 2000 at least in exchange for this device given to the cost of phone Porsche P'9881.
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