Deal acquisition company FairFax on the BlackBerry tainted by some financial problems

Back to last September announced that Fairfax Financial Holdings , the largest contribution to the company BlackBerry they agree to pay $ 9 for one share in the latter . Fairfax Financial Holdings company already owns 10 percent of the Canadian company and other proposed purchase of shares with a total value of U.S. $ 4.7 billion . There were already a number of reports in the past and which lists in detail how difficult it is to find a company Fairfax funds necessary to secure the deal . A new report from the Reuters news agency claims that many of the big banks have reduced the value of loans granted by the Fairfax company because they were concerned about the BlackBerry 's ability to grow again even after the transition to a private company.

Fairfax company working with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and BMO Capital Markets to fund the acquisition. , Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Reuters report claims that many of the major banks reduced loans granted by the Fairfax company because they were concerned about the BlackBerry's ability to grow again. It should be noted that Mr. Prem Watsa, who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Fairfax claimed in September that it will be able to raise the funds required to complete the transaction, but so far there is no conclusive evidence that he actually managed to do so.

Today Mr. Prem Watsa, will return with a final offer after conducting due diligence of the company. Regardless of this, analysts believe that the value of the acquisition can be reduced to $ 5 per share in the case if there is no potential buyers. According to some recent reports that Cerberus Capital Management and company Qualcomm Add to BlackBerry founders, Mr. Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin have submitted a joint offer to acquire the company.We have declared both founders already expressed their desire to make an offer for the BlackBerry company.
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