LG working to make phone LG G Flex sweeping global markets

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Phone LG G Flex is the second smartphone in the world that comes with a curved screen after Galaxy Round of course, but nevertheless it will be the first smartphone with a curved screen up to the global market. While not selected anything yet by senior management in the company LG, the spokesperson stressed that the Korean company LG is currently working on the development and test of the international version of the phone LG G Flex.

In fact, it was announced that LG G Flex phone shortly after the announcement of the Samsung phone Galaxy Round. But nevertheless, the phone LG G Flex managed to make him shed more lights Galaxy Round because of its curved design in the horizontal axis in addition to possession of the rear cover self-reform, who said that he automatically gets rid of scratches. In addition, the phone LG G Flex is the first smart phone in the world comes with a curved battery. Moreover, it has a 6-inch sized screen and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels as well as terrible Snapdragon processor 800.
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