Motorola is preparing to launch a phone Moto X at the global level

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This week was awarded to Moto G phone which managed to steal the media spotlight, and for good reason. The recent reports about the phone Moto X less splendor despite the fact that Motorola allow customers to become all U.S. telecommunications companies the ability to customize the phone. In spite of that phone Moto G is ready to revolutionize the smart phone market low, there are still more things that should be saying for a phone Moto X.

There have been several recent reports which says that Motorola managed to sell 500 thousand units of Moto X phone in the third quarter of this year. Of course, these statistics may be misleading because the phone Moto X was available only for a period of 5 weeks during the third quarter of this year, and that the process of allocating phone was limited to customers Telecommunications Company of America AT & T and the phone is available only in North America. And apart from that, there have been some recent news reports that Motorola plans to launch a phone Moto X at the global level.

Mr. Marcus Frost, who served as the first director of marketing at Motorola in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to site "TechRadar" that the Moto X phone reception was fantastic and that the company constantly considering opportunities to launch the phone in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Besides Mr. Magnus Ahlqvist and who serves as vice president of Motorola, Inc. that the company is serious about Europe, which want to bring more powerful suggestions for this market.

Of course, comments Magnus Ahlqvist could easily it alludes to phone Moto G on behalf Moto X, but a statement by Mr. Marcus Frost alludes entirely to the phone Moto X. In any case, it is interesting to see the phone Moto X makes his way to more markets, but unfortunately we do not know when it will happen exactly or whether Motorola will offer the option of customization Moto Maker in Western markets such as the U.S. market.
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