Nexus 5 will work perfectly with the wireless charger Nexus Orb

Nexus 4,Nexus 5
It was expected that the Nexus 5 works with the Nexus Orb wireless charger that was sold on the Google Play store for some time. But we did not hear any official confirmation of Google Inc., in the case of whether the devices Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 will be compatible only with the cushion shipping, which will launch later this year or whether they will be compatible as well as with the charger Wireless Nexus Orb.

In spite of that, we were very confident that the Nexus 5 will work efficiently also with the charger Wireless Nexus Orb directed originally phone Nexus 4, so see to the fact that both phones (Nexus 5 and Nexus 4) and shipper support technology shipping Wireless Qi. But the question that puzzled many users is whether it is present in the magnet device Nexus 5 correct position allows linking device with the Nexus Orb charger perfectly. Of course, the Nexus 5 does not work in exactly the same way it works Nexus 4. And it seems the less powerful magnet in the Nexus 5 The reason for this may be see the lightness of the device and its thickness.

For a Nexus 4 He has a magnet at the bottom allowing install the phone on the charger Nexus Orb without touching the surface on which draw upon the shipper. As for the phone Nexus 5 is luckily has a magnet in the middle section allowing users by placing it on the charger Nexus Orb Although it will touch the surface on which put him shipper, but nevertheless, the Nexus 5 will resist sliding since it comes made ​​of plastic instead of glass coming with the background, as is the case with the Nexus 4.
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