Nokia's fourth-best brand in the smartphone sector this quarter in the United States

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According to a new report of Counterpoint network specializing in market research, Nokia has become the fourth largest manufacturer of smartphones in the third quarter of this year, the United States of America. The Finnish company came in fourth place with 4.4 percent stake behind the LG company that combined market share of about 8.6 percent.There is a big gap between the first centers and other centers, so that acquires both Samsung and Apple's 33 percent market share in the United States.

Overall, the Windows Phone system market share increased by 2% worldwide in the third quarter of this year, but it seems that Nokia is slowly regain some market share thanks shipped Windows Phone devices than any other company. Exactly, the company has shipped 1.4 million Nokia Lumia phone to the United States in the third quarter of this year, and the vast majority of these shipments belonging to low-cost phone Lumia 520.
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