Samsung reviewing the idea of a smartphone with a flexible screen

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After waiting for a long time and hear a lot of rumors around , the South Korean technology giants and we mean here both Samsung and LG finally detects its first advantage of the flexible screen technology . For Samsung has had to disclose Galaxy Round , which is based in the technical specifications on the Galaxy Note 3, while LG has decided to disclose LG G Flex , which is based in the technical specifications on the LG G2 . In any case , while the smart phone that comes with a curved screens are somewhat more modern view of the fact that they may be more solid and more difficult to break, is there any other practical uses ? Well , in order to find out other practical uses of flexible screens Samsung has today detects several ideas for smart devices with flexible screens on site

One of these ideas revealed by Samsung recently, and that can be observed in the above picture shows a smart phone, which looks like inspired by Flip Phone phones that have emerged in the era of regular mobile phones. This idea is revealed by Samsung today to suggest that flexible screens that will allow for smart phones to be folding, thereby converting the big screens to something more pocket-friendly.

Of course, this is just one concept or rather just one idea, but we have to admit that the idea of ​​one, but very interesting. We're not sure how long it will wait to see the phones flexible like the one in the picture above with the knowledge that reality is not confined to the screen is flexible, but other elements must be flexible as well, such as the battery and the electric circuit, but in the meantime, what do you think?
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