Samsung reviewing the idea of a smart phone Negotiable turned into a tablet device

Samsung has already promised us in the Analyst Day conference, which was held last Wednesday, South Korea, the advent of folding screens in 2015, and it seems the Korean company offered models to carry these monitors for investors in the company.

Unfortunately, these experimental models has been to hide from the eyes of journalists , so we turned to impressions of some of the third parties that were present at the moment of presentation of these models to investors, and a small number of patents. And was told that Samsung had offered a model the size of a smart phone can be turned into a tablet device.

According to one source , who had the opportunity to take a look at this device confirmed that at the moment you see where this form to note that he has the same size as the Galaxy S3 and can be folded in half from top to bottom , so it is like a powder box ROM used by women. Another source confirmed that this prototype come a long wallet - sized hands that can open up to both sides to take the form of a tablet device.

We have to admit that we are very much interested in obtaining future on the smart phone accept the transition to a tablet device, but at the same time the average size of the current smart phones in order to allow users to put in the pocket.
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