Samsung sells more phones than Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry combined

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It is not surprising to see Android sales are the most given that Apple is the only one that produces a system iOS devices , and devices that support other operating systems , including BlackBerry and Windows Phone still did not take itself a foothold in the market. In addition to that, it 's no secret that Samsung is probably the biggest name when it comes to market Android devices , especially if we know that the latter managed to sell 5 million units of Galaxy Note 3 so far , as well as sell them for a million smart phone every day . But it seems that Samsung is still in store a lot given the latest figures revealed by the network ABI Research specializing in market research , according to these figures , the sales of Samsung in the third quarter of this year, far outweigh the sales achieved by both Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia combined.

The ABI Research figures showed that Android currently controls 80% of the smartphone market worldwide and Samsung are responsible for 35% of smart phones that were sold in the third quarter of this year. It is not surprising the sales of Samsung outweigh sales of all manufacturers of Android devices.

There have been talks in the past about the possibility that the Samsung to abandon its support for the Android system in favor of a system Tizen, but given the performance played by Samsung currently in the market for Android, we do not believe that this option would be the best option for the Korean company, butSamsung may think that it will be better in the long run. In the meantime, for those who have doubts that Samsung is the leader of the market at the moment, we hope that these numbers are enough to convince them.
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