Samsung will focus on tablets and low-spec phones next year

Within a few years , Samsung has grown so much that it became one of the largest manufacturers of smart phones in the entire planet . The company currently has the largest share in the smart phone market in the world. Only this year , in the third quarter to be exact company has shipped more than 80 million smart phone. Things certainly look good for Samsung at the moment, but as the high - end smart phone market is now saturated , it can be one to wonder exactly what Samsung plans in the future. Reports issued today from South Korea suggest that instead of focusing only on high - end smart phone market , it is expected that the South Korean company is focused more on smartphones medium and low specifications in addition to relying on tablets in the next year.

Reported that Samsung expects to sell only 360 million smart phone in the next year, while it is expected to sell up to 290 million smart phone this year. Even though sales of smartphones were big in the next year, these sales actually smaller when we look at the Korean company's sales improved on an annual basis. This is expected to a large extent that the company turned its focus to another sector. With Rod reports that Samsung will be able to sell 360 million units, only 35% of these sales is the share of high-end phones in the next year.

Also rumored that Samsung will increase its focus on tablet devices and the Korean company hopes to be done from the gate of tablet devices that are larger than 12 inches. Has already we have received some reports that say that Samsung is preparing to reveal a new tablet device from the Galaxy Note family with a 12.2-inch size screen early next year.
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