To postpone the launch date of the Samsung the Tizen OS to system next year

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Is Tizen OS system is dead? Probably not, although the platform and its accompanying devices did not see the light of day until now , at least that 's what is certain yet. We had heard originally that it will launch the first smart phone running Tizen OS in the third quarter of this year, but obviously that did not happen , and then we heard that the CEO Samsoj decided on what seems to postpone the disclosure of this phone on purpose in order to develop the operating system to provide an amazing user experience . In any case, according to rumors recently, the chances of seeing the first smart phone from Samsung with system Tizen OS in 2013 is very small, have indicated these rumors last to that Samsung has decided to delay the launch of the system again in order to develop it further, and this is what hints that it will postpone the launch of the first smart phone operating system Samsung to next year instead of this year.

While many offers tribute large for Samsung for being willing to delay the launch of its platform to create the best possible experience, as does the game developers who are delaying the launch of their toys new for the settlement of all places imbalance , the practice may not be applicable in the smartphone market . Platforms competition such as Windows Phone slowly gaining market share With the entry of new platforms such as SailFish OS and FireFox OS into a war of operating systems , the delay only means that the company will be lagging behind and that the time will have been carried out by the Korean company to get some market share given that the customer will have sewn decision to choose the operating platform that will go with it.
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