User interface Nexus 5 will remain exclusive for the same device

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Google has recently detects officially Phone Nexus 5, and this means that this device will come preinstalled with Android system 4.4 KitKat along with a user interface that will be the default user interface in the new version of the Android system , which will manufacturers amendment in try to put their mark on them . In any case , it is said that the user interface Nexus 5 is already clean and original without any changes as they come with some hidden features such as notifications and transparent bar buttons , which helps to achieve a comprehensive look while browsing the phone . Unfortunately, if you're hoping to get a similar experience on your Nexus , such as the Nexus 4 may be disappointed too big.

According to Google , it seems that some features of the Nexus 5 will remain exclusively for Nexus 5 itself, such as a user interface device, or what is known as Launcher. If you think you will get the same experience Nexus 5 in Nexus 4 device when you receive your updated Android 4.4 KitKat then you are mistaken , at least for the time being . Well, it seems that the reason behind this step , see the fact that Google want to see how it reacts to the public with a user interface Nexus 5 to decide whether they are good enough or to find out whether there is a demand enough to launch on other devices. Based on this, we can only assume that Google may launch or not launch the Nexus 5 user interface to other Nexus devices in the future, but now it seems that the interface will be exclusive to the Nexus 5 itself.
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