Windows Phone share in an increasingly growth, and Android KitKat as a direct response to Lumia 520

Issued Kantar World Panel network specialized in the research market its latest report on the mobile telecommunications sector in the third quarter of this year, and as expected, the figures revealed by the Kantar network similar to figures revealed by ABI Research Network in the past week.The biggest beneficiary in the third quarter of this year is the Windows Phone system. Figures revealed by the Kantar network, which covers five major European markets to the Windows Phone sales particularly strong and the credit for this is due to Nokia and a series its distinctive Lumia phones.

However, Kantar network show that on average, one of the top ten smartphones sold in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the system supports Windows Phone. This often means that the Lumia phones from Nokia are primarily responsible for accelerating share growth of the Microsoft operating platform. Increase the share of Windows Phone in Europe comes in the wake of declining share the same platform in other regions, such as Australia and Latin America, Mr. Dominic Sunnebo explain to us why.

According to Mr. Dominic Sunnebo the smartphone market in developed countries is very crowded , and manufacturers is well aware that the emerging economies is the best opportunity for these companies to grow. In addition , Mr. Dominic Sunnebo says that Nokia dominated in Latin America for many years , and while the popularity fell phones with the Symbian system , has become the company now has a chance to regain its glory with the Windows Phone system . The majority of consumers in Latin America are still using regular Nokia phones , so the upgrade to the next level with low - cost Lumia phones are the next logical step . Price is the main barrier in developing markets and Lumia 520 opens the door to owning a smart phone for many.

In fact, some analysts suggested that Google Inc. suffered greatly to improve Android 4.4 KitKat to work perfectly with the devices, which carry the size of 512MB of RAM, because they want to limit the success of phones and low-cost Windows Phone like the Lumia 520. Nokia sold millions of phones and cheap Windows Phone colored emerging markets in the fourth quarter.
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