Women are more likely to buy the iPhone 5S Silver!

A new study recently appeared very interesting from an agency Consumer Intelligence Research Partners about every color of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C the most favored in both sexes. According to the study, men are more likely to buy a copy Space Gray of iPhone 5S, while women are more inclined to choose silver color.
In general, the Space Gray color is the most popular color for the iPhone 5S device, which comes in silver and gold as well. And despite the fact that Apple produces limited quantities of gold version for iPhone 5s, it is equally popular among both sexes.

For iPhone 5C favorite colors are different between the sexes as well. Males are more likely to choose white or blue color of the iPhone 5C, while females prefer to get iPhone 5C with the color pink.
However, the blue version of the iPhone 5C are the most popular, the proportion of 27% of iPhone owners 5C own blue version, followed by white version with 25% and green version by 21% and 20% Rosary. The share of the yellow version is the minimum, they represent 7% of the sales of the iPhone 5C.
Regarding the study, said co-founder of the agency CIRP, Mr. Mike Levin that all of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S emphasizes traditional gender biases, so stressed that men usually prefer white color and Space Gray in iPhone 5S  In contrast, women prefer silver color in the iPhone 5S and bright colors in the iPhone 5C. One of the things interesting in this study that both sexes do not like a lot of the yellow version of the iPhone 5C.
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