Xiaomi can sell 100 thousand units of the Red Rice phone in a matter of 4 minutes

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Xiaomi company got some popularity in recent times due to the excellent prices for smart phones with high quality and excellent specifications. For example, recall the phone Red Rice, which was launched a few months ago, and featured in this phone that he paid $ 130 will be able to get on the screen of 4.7 inches at a resolution of 720p, processor quad-core frequency of 1.5GHz class MediaTek MT6589T, RAM size of 1GB In addition to the rear camera 8 megapixels.

But there is a problem, especially when it comes to international buyers. For starters, the company Xiaomi focus only on the Chinese market at the present time, do not provide a telephone to the whole world. The prices can rise dramatically Xiaomi devices if they were launched in the global markets relying on distributors.

Worse, however, that the version that was launched at the beginning of the Red Rice phone supports China 's third-generation networks , known as TD-SCDMA, and this means that the phone will not support third - generation networks in Europe and the rest of the world. Fortunately for fans of this device from the western markets , the company Xiaomi has issued a new version of the phone Red Rice compatible with WCDMA networks International by only a few days , and the demand for this version is very high , so the company announced the Chinese that they managed to sell 100 thousand units of this new version within 4 minutes and 5 seconds. Of course, WCDMA version of the new Red Rice phone were directed to Chinese telecommunications company China Unicom only , but it is fair to say that quite a few units of this phone will make their way to the markets of the unknown.

On the bright side, the company Xiaomi recently contracted with Mr. Hugo Barra, who was vice president of product management at Google Inc., to be on the board of a Chinese company, and reports indicate that the company Xiaomi employ this leading figure in order to expand internationally.
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