Police in Cambridge moving from BlackBerry to Windows Phone

Windows Phone
Apparently, the conditions of the company BlackBerry does not refuse improvement but still receive more crises, After it has many large companies and government agencies to abandon phones BlackBerrys, the police announced Cambridge in the United Kingdom it was preparing to replace approximately 4000 units of phones BlackBerry are used by it currently about 8000 units of phones Windows Phone. Apparently, the reason for the change is to monitor police Cambridge for many of the improvements in the security architecture of the system, Windows Phone 8.1, as well as the fact that manufacturers are working hard to support the system, Windows Phone 8.1 with the knowledge that the system BlackBerry Entreprise Security will be supported in the near future phones Windows Phone. It should be noted that the Windows Phone platform currently accounts for 20% of the corporate market in the United Kingdom, and in that category grow faster than consumer sales.

Men in police patrol Cambridge will receive a Lumia 1520, while the phone will be offered Lumia 930 executives in the police, and phone Lumia 635 employees. It is scheduled to let the police in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire to participate in this initiative.
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