Apple has allocated a section to experience paid applications

Apple has allocated a section to experience paid applications

A new section of the Apple App Store shows up for paid apps to try it for free before buying or signing up under the name Try it for Free

After downloading the application from the store you have a free trial period and then you must subscribe and pay a fee for this to continue to use the application with all its advantages.

This method is good for users where they can identify the functionality and usefulness of the application before signing up and incur any financial expenses, as well as developers where it allows to increase sales through the experience and simplify the purchase process.

The new section of the Apps tab appears in the app store and after that will be the second section of the page. Currently, there are a number of applications that support the subscription system, whether annual or weekly, and this is something that should be paid attention before joining.

The application experience varies depending on what the developer allows, whether it is a day, a week or a month or so. Some applications require you to pay before the free trial for one month. After the trial, you can cancel the application.

The Apple App Store had a record daily sales of $ 300 million on New Year's Eve. Developers' profits for the full year were $ 26.5 billion, up 30% from the previous year, likely due to the adoption of the subscription system rather than the sale of applications.

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